Can we come visit your store?

Iron Triangle Reptiles is a private facility and not open to the public.


We live in the Bay Area and don't want to pay for shipping, can we pick up?

Yes, just check out through the websites shopping cart system and select         "Pick Up"  instead of shipping at checkout.  The Pick up location will be given to you on that screen.


What days do you ship?

Current ship days because of Covid19 are only Tuesday and Wednesday of each week for arrival on Wednesday and Thursday of each week. 

 How do you ship?

All shipments are sent Fed Ex Priority Overnight.


My box was supposed to arrive today but it hasn't shown up yet

What's going on?

Occasionally fed ex shipments hit delays beyond the control of Iron Triangle Reptiles.  If your shipment doesn't show "Out for Delivery" when checking the tracking on day of arrival - and it's last update was in Memphis, Indianapolis or some other point along the journey then there most likely was a flight delay - Maybe caused by weather or mechanical error. Regardless your package will be delivered on the following day.   


Can I have a discount?

Our Prices are firm.

A lot of time and money goes into our snake breeding projects; We have food bills, rent and electric costs to cover so we can continue to maintain our facility.

Just as you can't walk into a grocery store and expect a discount, same applies here.



Can I see additional pictures of an animal I'm interested in?

We do not generally provide additional pictures beyond what is listed on our website until an animal is actually purchased. Once a purchase is confirmed we will happily take additional photos.


Do you accept Payment Plans?

We do not accept Payment Plans under any circumstances. In our experience even with clearly stated (and agreed upon) non refundable payments and due dates - things always get messy.  We'd just rather not deal it. 

Can you hold a snake for me until payday?

Iron Triangle Reptiles does not hold animals waiting for payment.  All animals are available for sale on the website until the animal is purchased off of the website at which time the animal is automatically removed.

Unfortunately, many people like to disappear on the day payment is supposed to be made which means we have potentially lost other sales while holding the animal only to be ghosted.  Therefore we do not accommodate such requests.


I don't have a PayPal account, can I still buy an animal?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards through our shopping cart system.

We do not accept personal check or money orders under any circumstance.


What is my new snake eating?

Unless noted otherwise, hatchling snakes will have eaten a minimum of 3 times on live pinkie (newborn) mice.


When should I feed my new snake?

We recommend waiting 1 week before handling or feeding your new snake.

They need time to adjust to their new surroundings.  


Do you have a waiting list?

We do not maintain a waiting list at this time for specific animals.

There is a mailing list sign up at the bottom of each page of our website you can sign up for to be notified when we add new animals to the website.




Do you do trades?

In some cases We may be interested in trades.

However, we are not interested in any Pythons or Boas (except some Rosy)

We do not ship first in trades or do same day shipping.

We will only ship after we receive your shipment and are able to confirm that everything is as agreed.

Below is a tenative list of species/morphs that may be considered for trades.


  • Melanistic Eastern Garter Snakes
  •  Albino Eastern Garter Snakes
  • Black Milk Snakes
  • Albino House Snakes (orange/red)
  • Scissor Crossing Cal Kings
  • Cosala Sinaloan Milk Snakes
  • Scaleless Corns - Okeetee, Reverse Okeetee
  • Nitida King Snakes
  • Ladder Rat Snakes